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A-Rod Facing Real Estate Venture Lawsuit

A-Rod's ex-brother-in-law, Constantine Scurtis, alleges he was cut out of profits in their real estate partnership, while Rodriguez claims it was Scurtis who took unauthorized funds from the JV.

(Photo taken by Guerin Blask)

In a year where everything seems to just get worse, A-Rod & the brother of his ex-wife, Constantine Scurtis, are facing off in a legal battle where Scrutis is accusing Rodriguez of withholding his share of distributions from him. Rodriguez in return has filed a counterclaim stating Scurtis withdrew funds from the venture pool without authorization.

Miami-Dade, Florida Circuit Judge Maria de Jesus Santovenia concluded in her May 20th order that Scurtis’ motion provided a “reasonable showing” to support the punitive damage claims.

One of Scurtis’ attorneys, Gonzalo Dorta of Dorta Law, claimed the order as a big win for his client, stating, "Celebrities are not above the law and must account for their egregious behavior". Scurtis is also represented by Joel Denaro of the Law Office of Joel Denaro, Vincent Duffy of the Law Office of Vincent J. Duffy & Asela Lopez.

The partnership agreement states that Rodriguez would contribute the capital and would be a 95% owner and beneficiary of profits, according to the complaint. Scurtis would own and receive 5% in exchange for his real estate and financial expertise. Scurtis also earned a 3% acquisition fee. The partnership owned and operated over $1 billion worth of property and managed around 5,000 units, Scurtis claimed in court filings. They formed an LLP for each property, with 26 companies formed from 2003 to 2005 and an additional 20 from 2005 to 2008.

Scurtis alleged he was owed $8 million in acquisition fees alone. Rodriguez's attorney, John C. Lukacs, filed a counterclaim last September alleging Scurtis withdrew nearly $1.4 million from the LLP from 2004-2005 for brokerage-type fees and real estate deals without authorization.

The counterclaim lists money lent, unjust enrichment, and abuse of process counts.

Both sides are seeking a jury trial.

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