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Offering Memorandums

The offering memorandum ('OM') is one of the most important marketing pieces your property needs to sell for the highest attainable price. Beyond an immediate buyer need, an impressive OM is the most consistent resource for attracting and retaining institutions, private investors, and business owners/operators. 


Excellence In Escrow

The most time-consuming event during the sale of a property occurs within the due diligence period in escrow. Buyers, justifiably, will ask an assortment of questions and require an amass of documentation for their lender to review. Our objective is get ahead of the curve - We work with you to prepare docs prior to accepting an offer. Fewer calls to your accountant, less late-night stress, a more streamlined and successful sale of your property.


Lease Expertise

At any given time, there are over 100 available retail lease opportunities in Vancouver, WA alone. We work to make our listings stand out by actively networking and marketing your property to a curated list of quality tenants with proven track records. Our average lease agreement is for five-years, at or above the rolling market rate.